Distribution Units


The easi-lite LED distribution units allow you to connect your easi-lite LED tape lighting tails to the power supply. These give you the option of adding either 1, 6 or 10 connections to the lighting systems.

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Use the easi-lite single output to connect 1 strip of easi-lite LED tape or easi-lite puck light.

Use the 6-way or 10 way easi-lite LED distribution unit to connect up to 6 or 10 pieces of easi-lite LED tape or the easi-lite puck light or a combination of both.


Additional Information

  • Maximum loading for distribution box is no more than 7.5 metres of easi-lite LED tape
  • easi-lite single output lead with 500mm cable to connect to power supply
  • 6-way and 10-way distribution unit comes with 1 metre cable to connect to power supply
  • 1 year guarantee


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