What is an LED Channel?

An LED channel is a housing for LED strip lights that works to diffuse light, soften, and reduce the spotting effect created by the intermittent LEDs in LED tape. They also act as a heat-sink for the strips that increases their life and protects them from damage. Despite not being waterproof, an LED channel keeps the strips away from dangers, debris and splashes, making them great for kitchen lighting. Lighting in this way provides a more professional look and allows a clean lines approach to home lighting. 12V LED puck lights are also ideal for kitchen lighting but these act as spotlights so do not create the same effect or coverage.

The Different Types of LED Diffusers and LED Strip Lights

All of our LED diffuser channels come in lengths of 1 or 2 metres and can be easily adapted to suit any lighting project or size requirement. We sell three types of LED channel; corner, flat shallow and flat deep. Which one you choose will depend on the look you are trying to create and the area you will be attaching the lighting to. The corner channel is best for 90 degree angles such as fixing under cabinets against the wall. The deep and shallow channels look very similar, but the effect of a deeper channel will produce a more seamless single light effect with reduced spotting, helped by the amount of LEDs per metre we produce for the highest quality lighting.

In addition to the different shapes, there three colours available; clear, frosted and opal. Each of these offers a different level of light diffusion. The clear channel will allow the most light through and will reduce the amount of spotting the least. The frosted channels diffuse the light more than the clear for a more uniform effect and the opal provides a dimmer and more comforting level of light due to higher coverage.


For more information about our LED channels click here to visit our products page. Accessories including mounting brackets and end caps are also available and we welcome any queries should you wish to contact us.