Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

The easi-lite LED plug & play system is a highly efficient and adaptable lighting system for kitchen under cabinet lighting and the home. It is easily fitted without the need for an electrician and can be customised to suit your place of installation and home lighting needs.

These LED strip lights can be used to transform the illumination of most rooms in your home or to add another dimension to furniture – from simply LED kitchen cabinet lighting and kitchen plinth lighting, to lighting a dark wardrobe.

Easi-lite strip lights are easily customised and their effect can be subtle and hidden or bright and colourful, depending on the kit you choose and where you install them. LED channels are available to disperse the light and give a more seamless and professional effect. These work especially well when concealed like with kitchen under cabinet lighting.

Perfect for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The easi-lite LED plug & play system is up to 80% more efficient than a standard 60W Halogen bulb and lasts up to 10 times longer. With a full range of adaptors and accessories to make installation possible in any configuration. It is the eco-friendly, economical and easi way to light up your home.