Equipment Required:
1 pair of scissors.


How to Install LED Strips

1) Measure exactly how long you need the easi-lite LED tape. Allowing that the LED can only be cut in 50mm increments.
2) Once you have decided how long you require the LED strips, measure from the beginning of the tape which has the lighting tail attached.
3) Cut the tape on the line in between the 4 copper contacts using a pair of scissors.
4) Thoroughly clean the surface you are adhering to using a mild soap solution and ensure the surface is completely dry, dust and grease free.
5) Gently peel the backing off the 3M tape on the reverse side and gently press into position making sure that you press along all the tape being adhered. If you are installing the LED strip lights in to a channel and diffuser, please clean the surface area of the channel with a degreaser before adhering in place.
6) Plug your power supply into the mains using the attached 3 pin plug and then plug the lighting tail attached to the LED into the output from the power supply. It will then light up.


If you are using LED connectors…

1) Taking the LED connector, open the connector and slide the LED into the slotted channel in the connector making sure that the “-“ on the easi-lite tape corresponds with the white cable with the broken black line on it.
2) Once you have slid the tape into position making sure that the 2 contacts on the connector are on top of the copper pads on the tape as pictured below, close the cover making sure it is fully closed.
3) Check the lights by plugging the connector into a power supply and then install into position

You can also watch instructional how-to videos here or download our comprehensive guides here which also explain how to use everything in your pack whether it be 1-way, 6-way or 10-way lighting kit.

LED Lights Lincoln

Based in Lincoln, Lunar Connect manufactures a variety of products and you can find easi-lite at the local MKM Building Supplies Lincoln. Alternatively, see our full range and order from our website for delivery anywhere in the UK. LED lights Lincoln is a broad term but easi-lite LED tape is perfect for kitchen lighting under cabinets, behind mouldings and as kitchen island lighting for example. We also have puck lights which can be used for these purposes or as downlights around the home.