What is this Hygge Trend Interior Designers Have Been on About?

You may have heard the word ‘Hygge’ over the past couple of years. It has become a huge trend sweeping nations but originating in Scandinavia in the 90s. There has even been a variety of books about Hygge culture such as the ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ and ‘Hygge the Danish Art of Happiness’ which discusses some of the reasons why the Nordic countries have been voted the happiest in the world.  The word actually means ‘cosy’ and represents the Danish art form that summarises a culture of living in a calm, comfortable and collected space and spending time with loved ones.

In terms of interior design, the idea is to make a space inviting, comfortable and calming. Soft cushions and blankets are a must for the ultimate cosy experience and these go hand-in-hand with warm drinks and fluffy socks. Perhaps the Nordic people are so happy because they have learnt to value the small things and take their time will life, allowing plenty of time for friends and relaxation. Colour wise, rooms should have a calming colour scheme with neutral tones and real wood flooring to give that natural vibe. For home lighting, our natural and warm LED lighting kits compliment this idea best.

hygge home lighting

There should be lots of kitchen cupboards and cabinets to stop your home from seeming cluttered and to provide a minimalist feel. Open plan living is also create for Hygge as it creates a more social space to cook casually and spend more time with friends and family.

Home Lighting Tips for a Hygge Design

With home lighting, candles and warm fires are the go-to choice but some bars and kitchens also take advantage of low-lit pendant lights. In kitchens, LED under cabinet lighting works better than traditional overhead kitchen task lighting as it will create more of an ambient effect. Our warm light coloured LED strip lights make a great low-lighting option and can be easily altered to fit in any kitchen environment. They can also be used in mouldings and as kitchen island lighting to keep the light away from the eye-line and give the room a warm glow.

Why not incorporate our Hygge ideas in your home?