12V Puck Lights

Puck lights are small LEDs that can be used to light full rooms or as lighting accessories (see images).
Easi-lite 1.8W 12v LED puck lights are ultra-thin and surface mounted decorative lights. The benefits of 12V LED puck lights include; a 500mm easi-lite lighting tail, excellent energy efficiency, a long lifespan, a high-quality, ultra-thin aluminium alloy casing and light-emitting surface diffusion plate to prevent glare. They are ideally suited for indoor applications such as shelves, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, glass cabinets and other furniture.

LED Puck Light - WarmLED Puck Light - Cool
Our lights come in two colours; cool white and warm white – depending on what style you are trying to create. See more specifications of our 12V LED puck lights below…

Additional Information:
• Height 7mm by 60mm in diameter
• For easy installation, the easi-lite Puck LED Light can be screwed or by use of adhesive
• easi-lite LED puck light is rated at 1.8 watts which is approximately the equivalent to a 10W halogen bulb
• Energy saving and long lifespan
• Beam angle 120 degrees
• Soft light effect with excellent performance
• 1 year guarantee


Home and Kitchen Lighting

Our 12V LED Puck Lights are primarily used in kitchens as under cabinet lighting, kitchen plinth lighting and kitchen downlights. However, they are very versatile and can also be used in living spaces and bedrooms. For example; LED downlights, shelves, wardrobes, art lighting, glass cabinets and other furniture.
All LED lights including the 12V puck light, have many other benefits aside from aesthetics. LEDs are much more energy efficient than traditional or halogen bulbs, have a longer lifespan and have a better light quality rating. You can read more about LEDs here and the pros of LED lighting here

Under cabinet lighting is ideal for food preparation areas that need good lighting. 12V puck lights are ideal for this because they create high quality beams of light right where you need them. Kitchen plinth lighting is also a great use for these but more as mood lighting or to keep eyes relaxed in the evenings after dinner. Both of these lighting methods create a more ambient effect in the room and tie in with current kitchen design trends. Despite their brightness, LEDs can be dimmable and are much better for night time usage.

View our 12V LED puck lights here.