Kitchen under cabinet lighting is a versatile method of kitchen lighting that can brighten dark corners, add style and complement other lighting in the room. There are many options available but the most common are LED strip lights and puck lights or downlights. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, using these lights instead of full ceiling lights can save you electricity and therefore money. LED lighting is also much more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs and last much longer. Under cabinet lighting lights up the worktop so there is adequate light in all cooking areas, so you wouldn’t be giving up on practicality. LEDs can be very bright using little power but are less invasive than ceiling lights. Many are dimmable, which can be great at night or for ambience.

LED Strip Lights as Under Cabinet Lighting

LED tape provides a consistent stream of light, meaning you don’t get any shadows but also don’t get any glare as the tape would be hidden.  You wouldn’t have to worry about blocking light with appliances and have the option of installing them recessed or surface mounted. This method is also well suited to awkward shapes and lighting round corners, due to its flexibility. LED lighting kits are commonly inexpensive and easy to install. With our easi-lite kits, no electrician is required and the led strips are easily customisable. There is a wide variety of colours or even colour-changing options by remote control.

Other Kitchen Lighting Options

kitchen under cabinet lighting downlights

LED puck lights or spot lights are still great at improving light in food preparation areas and allow you to fit bulbs in the places you want most. They could be used as downlights, plinth lights or under cabinet lighting. These offer a lot of light but are more effort to fit than LED strip lights and less cost-effective.

Whatever you are planning on doing to renovate your kitchen, under cabinet lighting should definitely be considered and has become a huge trend! Make sure to look at our adhesive LED lighting kits instead of kitchen fitters or retailers, as they will try upsell and will charge for installation.