Kitchen Island Ideas and Benefits

Kitchen islands can be designed in many different colours, styles and materials. They are great for large kitchens with lots of space, but also for smaller kitchens that need more worktop areas. Avid cooks and bakers will love this and have more freedom when preparing meals. Additionally, islands will provide extra storage space in either drawer line units or traditional base units. You can also incorporate shelving and appliances if you wish.

Recent trends emphasise the popularity of having the hob or sink central in the island, expanding the number of kitchen layout options available. Through the overhang of the worktop, a casual seating area with seats or stools can be created. This can really encourage the kitchen to be the hub of the home where families can get together. Another 2018 trend to look out for is having the units or worktop in an island in a different colour or shade. This makes the island more of a statement piece and a pop of colour can really transform and brighten a space.

 green kitchen island

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen island lighting can change the way your whole kitchen is lit. Kitchen plinth lights (such as puck lights) work well at the lower level, offering a bright and modern look. LED strip lighting can be used under the cabinets and under the worktop thanks to the adhesive strips that come in the easi-lite kit. Using solely kitchen island lighting may be best used in the evenings and for parties when food/drink assembly is minimal and doesn’t require precision. However, overhead pendant lighting can also look great above and island for extra light.

Powering kitchen plinth lights or other lighting in an island will obviously need an electricity source which involves some wiring work. However, many islands incorporate built-in power to make them more practical, or to put in an electric hob. Adding an island in your kitchen will always require work but can last over 25 years if purchased and installed by a quality supplier.

LED strip lighting is great for anyone looking for ‘clean lines’ in their kitchen design. The cool light variant works best with modern kitchens and has a slightly blue tint, whereas warm white is better for more traditional kitchens or those suiting a more yellow tint. Daylight can work well in any kitchen and is less noticeable. Channels can be used to disperse the light and create a more even lighting effect. These and the easi-lite light tape can be cut to size to work with any kitchen island design.