Modern Interior Design

LED lighting goes hand in hand with interior design and modernisation, and what could be more modern than a 3D printed house?! Although yet to catch on and be regulated, there is definite potential for extraordinary designs to be part of our communities here in the UK.

3D printer

View some amazing 3D printed buildings here.

This could also open up the possibilities for home lighting. Our LED strips can be used on almost any shape or surface and can bend with the curves of a structure. Therefore they are well suited! Lighting trends change often, with halogen bulbs becoming a thing of the past, and bespoke LED lighting solutions on the rise.


3D Printed Building Benefits


  • 3D printing allows architects to have much more freedom in design. Models can be formed cheaply to show what buildings will look like and keep mistakes to a minimum.


  • Design and construction have become much more cost-effective with 3D printing on a large-scale.


  • There is the potential to be more environmentally friendly with the reuse of plastics from our oceans.


  • Faster construction that traditional methods. In fact, some structures are printed within a day.


3D printed buildings won’t be popping up in your local streets for a while yet as they are not produced in large quantities. The idea is being vigorously tested all over the globe but will need further safety regulations.


LED and Modern Lighting

LED’s are great for aesthetic kitchen lighting, like colour changing lights, under cabinet lights, hanging lights. ETC. They aren’t only usable in the kitchen, they can be used all over the house, like in the living area, bedrooms, around doors, hallways, and bathrooms and outdoors if you buy waterproof LED’s. They’re amazing examples of modern lighting and work well as a part of interior design.


Average Prices for Modern Lighting(LED’s)


12 Volt LED lighting packs cost around £55 depending on how many light distribution ways it can have (1-way/6-way/10-way) or if it is colour changing. LED Channels can cost anywhere between £9 and £20 depending on its depth(shallow/deep), if its flat or cornered, its length and the channel cover(clear/frosted/opal). And LED accessories can cost any amount depending on what the accessory is and its features