LED Indoor Lighting Options

As LED technology has evolved, so have the range of colour options available for indoor lighting. The colour you choose to light your home can drastically change its look and feel. Warm light is the more traditional choice, softening and warming rooms to give a homely feel. This light will have a slightly yellow tinge. Our daylight coloured strip lighting kits are great for those who want lighting to look natural and have no colour tinge. Cool light is higher on the kelvin scale, meaning it has a blue tinge to it which makes it look more modern but can make some rooms look cold. Colour-changing strip lighting kits are also available, and the colour can be changed remotely.


different indoor lighting LED colour options

Kelvin Rating Scale

You may not have heard of a kelvin scale before, but it is actually very simple. A low kelvin rating means that the light is on the yellow side, and a high score is more blue. The scale for most indoor lighting runs from 2000 to 8000 kelvins, from yellow to blue light. Our warm light is 3000k, daylight is 5000k and cool light is 6000k. All of our strip lighting kits are commercial grade quality and are high on the CRI.


Which Indoor Lighting Should I Buy?

Your indoor lighting choice will depend on which area you are planning on installing the lighting strips, the atmosphere you want to create, and the other lighting in your home. For under cabinet lighting, a warm or daylight is best for traditional kitchens, but cool light can give a unique look to modern cabinets. Our colour-changing kits are perfect for party animals as well as the indecisive. With 16 colour options and 4 dynamic modes with dimming, it means you can change your home lighting for different occasions and moods.

Warm light is best for a cosy and welcoming feel, in places such as living rooms, bedrooms, hotels and restaurants. Daylight is a neutral light, well-suited for relaxing environments where you also would like some clarity. For example, bathrooms, kitchens, office spaces and retail stores. Cool light may be best suited to places like garages where you need clean crisp lighting. It can also work well as modern indoor lighting.

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