Before purchase, there are many things to consider when deciding whether LED strip lights are right for you and your home. Ask yourself these questions and learn more about how lighting can change the look of any room.

LED strip lights can be used in flat deep channels with diffusers


LED Strip Lights Questions


1) Where will the strip be placed, and will it be used for task lighting, ambient or accent light?
First of all, you need to understand your ‘need’ for LED lighting. For example, is it to light a room, or more for mood lighting?


2) What colour I need, and do I want colour changing options?
Cool white, warm white and day light are all available in white lights, depending on how the customer wants their installation to look. For example, cool lights are best for ultra-modern looking kitchens. Colour-changing offers 16 colours and can also be dimmed. Perfect to change with your mood or for parties.


3) Do I want to be able to dim the lights?
Dimmable lights with a remote included are available in the colour-changing LED lighting kit.


4) Do you have a clean and dry surface to install the LED strip lights?
This is to make sure that the adhesive backing can stick to your surface properly.


5) Will I need to conceal the strip and wires?
There is a variety of channels available to house the strips for aesthetic appeal. It gives a more professional look to installations.


6) Do I need a qualified electrician to install LED strip lights?
With our LED lighting kits, soldering and electricians are not required due to the ease of installation. However, it is your choice.


7) Where is the power outlet you will be using? How will the strip be turned and off?
A power supply unit with 1.5m of mains cable and a 3-pin plug is provided within the LED strip lighting pack.


The more LEDs per strip/metre, the brighter the light will be. The reflectiveness of surfaces, and the distance from observers is also important. High quality LED strip lights like ours will ensure that colour and light pattern is consistent across the strip. You can evaluate the effectiveness of LED strip lighting by temporarily installing it using masking tape before the final installation.