kitchen showing the uses of LED strips and kitchen under cabinet lighting

Lighting installation Ideas for Modern Kitchens

Considering more unique kitchen lighting but need some inspiration? Then look no further. We’ve made a comprehensive list of how our LED strip lighting kits can be used to illuminate and give your kitchen a modern and stylish feel.

1) Plinth LED lighting
Adding LED lights to the plinth of your base units in your kitchen can create a stunning effect, especially when they are used to make a kitchen island a real feature. Because of the lower position and reduced brightness of these lights, kitchen lighting will be softer and more ambient.

2) Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting
Many kitchen cabinet designs will allow the LED strips to go underneath, making them invisible to the eye until switched on.

3) Lighting in Cabinets
There are various lighting options for inside your cabinets. Spotlights or strip lighting can light up your shelves which works especially well when cabinet doors have glass or frosted glass inserts. Glass shelving works best and will help to showcase your most special glasses and crockery.

4) Coving Lighting
Coving comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but LED strip lighting is flexible enough to work for the majority. It has the benefit of not being at eye level, reducing glare and creating a more relaxed environment. The LED strips are also well concealed and are well away from food preparation areas.

5) Highlighting open shelving
LED strip lighting is also ideal to go under open shelving if this is preferred to under-cabinet.

6) Skylight Illumination
Lucky enough to have a skylight? Then why not use LED strip lighting to draw the eye and make a statement.

The main issue to consider is that shiny floors or worktops can act as a mirror when LED lights are shining directly on them. The strips are also not waterproof so must be placed well away from sinks and hobs. The most popular use of our LED kits is for kitchen under cabinet lighting.

Why Use LED tape?

LED tape is an energy efficient, easy, flexible, and stylish method of lighting. Installation is simple and all you will need is some measuring prior to installation and a pair of scissors. We have even made a how-to video which you can watch here.

There is a variety of colours from the more conventional warm light and day light colours, to modern cool lights and colour changing strips with 16 remote-controlled colour options.
LED lighting kits are available here and can be cut every 50mm to lengths up to 5m. You can also view lighting accessories here.