LED Lighting Can Not Only Benefit Your Home but Also Your Health

LED lighting is not only beneficial to your home but can actually be beneficial to your health. A lot of people are aiming to be healthier by stopping smoking, eating a balanced diet and reducing alcohol intake… so why wouldn’t you choose the healthiest lighting? The truth is, few people know the detrimental impact of poor lighting and halogen bulbs. When it comes to lighting, people will focus on how it works in their homes and if they have the right brightness to light their room. These are of course important elements but the health benefits are ones to remember as well.

LED Lighting Benefitting Your Home and Your Health

There are many ways in which LED lighting can benefit your health. You may already experience health issues with lighting at work or other such places. Some fluorescents can cause your eyes to hurt and actually use toxic substances to illuminate the bulb. Below is a list of just a few of the ways in which LED lighting can help you.

  1. No Mercury – As mentioned before fluorescent bulbs use mercury vapour to heat the filament and produce light. Mercury is a toxic substance and can be very harmful to your health. Should you accidently break a bulb or dispose of it incorrectly, it could have an adverse effect on your health.
  2. No UV Rays – It may surprise you to find out that there are some bulbs out there that use ultra-violet radiation. Having this exposure can cause skin cancer, eyestrain, and headaches. LED lights do not use these rays and are therefore the healthier option.
  3. No Flicker – Some lighting systems run on AC (alternating currents) with this they tend to flicker. LED lights work on DC (direct current) system which does not cause flickering.
  4. Silent – With most fluorescent lighting you’ll find that after you have them on for a while you can hear a slight buzzing or humming noise. This can result in hearing problems and effect the health of your hearing in the future. LED lights are silent.

These are just a few reasons as to why LED lighting is more beneficial to your health. You can find out more by going to our website or you can call us today.